Rebuilt Title:

What you want to know about the rebuilt title and vehicle branding.

North Carolina Rebuilt Title

In NC rebuilt title is given to repaired total loss (usually salvage) vehicles that were recognized roadworthy. Salvage Rebuilt title is required to legally drive a salvage vehicle.

How To Get A Rebuilt Title In North Carolina

Be ready to provide the following documents:

If You Are Selling A Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle In NC

Damage disclose statement is mandatory for all vehicle sellers in NC. The form must list all the substantial damages the vehicle has suffered or the branded titles the vehicle has had the seller is aware of, such as Reconstructed Vehicle, Salvage Rebuilt Vehicle, Junk Vehicle, Salvage Motor Vehicle or Flood Vehicle. The damage types are specified in the *Damage Disclosure Statement form form( MVR-181 ), you can download the from here:

Reconstructed Vehicle in NC

Reconstructed Vehicle in NC is not the same as rebuilt salvage . Reconstructed Vehicle title is issued to motor vehicles that have been “materially altered from original construction due to the removal, addition or substitution or essential parts” (according to This title also applies to assembled vehicles and glider kits.