Rebuilt Title:

What you want to know about the rebuilt title and vehicle branding.

Rebuilt Title Value

Estimating rebuilt title value is the biggest issue associated with rebuilt vehicles. You may be certain just about one thing: rebuilt title affects value and being a good buy or not depends on what you prioritize in a vehicle. Even estimating the damage and the value of what’s left of the car after a crash or hurricane is easier for the buyer than doing the same with repairs already done and parts put into a rebuilt vehicle, mostly because the quality of repair and the actual amount of work done are frequently under question - unless you personally control every stage of the procedure. We hope the information below helps you with rebuilt vehicle valuation.

Rebuilt Title Value: Problems

The value of a rebuilt title car is lower than before it got a salvage title, with a good reason for that. Generally, a salvage title is given to damaged vehicles with estimated repair costs exceeding 70-80% of the vehicle’s original cost (in different states the percent is different). Upon completion of all major repairs resale value of a rebuilt car is decreased by 30%-50% compared with similar non-branded cars. This means that you can expect to get only 30-40% of estimated repair for the price instead of 70-80% and there is always at least one compromise on your side to compensate for the discount. The compromise may be obvious, like remaining cosmetic damage, missing audio system or other not so vital elements, age and wear of the car or replacement parts, loss of warranty and collision/comprehensive coverage, or hidden compromises with a visually flawless car, like assuming the right quality and amount of repair done on functional elements, the quality and origin the parts, relying on reputability of the mechanic or the body shop . The value drop and issue ranges are way too large for a big ticket, so consider the following issues before you buy:

How to Estimate Rebuilt Title Value

So, if you asked me how much does a rebuilt title affect value my answer would be it’s not rebuilt title but the damage and age that have major effect on the value. The words rebuilt title are not enough for proper estimate.

Rebuilt Title Car Value and Insurance

If you manage to find full coverage for your rebuilt title car, expect it to be valued around 50% of the retail cost of its non-salvaged counterparts. However, the premium should also the lower. Just remember for shop around well ahead to find a company that covers rebuilt titles, especially if you want full coverage.