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Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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Revived Title in California

“Revived Title” is a California equivalent to the Rebuilt Title in other states. Please note that a revived title status can be issued not just to rebuilt salvage but also to junk vehicles. According to CA DMV regulations, a junk vehicle is not a scarp metal or parts only vehicle - it can be rebuilt and “revived” - registered and used on public roads. On both ex-salvage and ex-junk vehicle titles, the branding Revived Salvage or Revived Junk will remain permanently. However, as you can guess, the extent of the damage that caused totaling and resale value of of salvage and junk vehicles are different. Specifically, a CA salvage vehicle is vehicle damaged to an extent that the insurance company is finding it not economically sound to pay to fix it. A CA junk vehicle is the one that was dismantled because it had been wrecked, abandoned, or a low valued vehicle that was impounded and acquired from an enforcement agency and is no longer operable. Non-repairable vehicles are only those surgically” stripped vehicles after theft recovery, burned vehicles, or those with no resale value and good only as scrap metal or for parts. In CA, neither salvage nor junk vehicles will have a title. Savage vehicles will have a Salvage Certificate, junk vehicles will have a Junk Receipt from DMV or Dismantle’s Bill of Sale. This is done to protect used car shoppers from unknowingly buying totaled vehicles.

If you are buying a Revived Title car…

If you are the one who is buying a revived title car, getting a vehicle history report based on the VIN is a must for your. You need to know what happened to the vehicle and why is was totaled before you buy. Otherwise, the only way to go for your newly purchased vehicle may be to go for parts and you’ll lose thousands of dollars.

How to get a Revived Title

Titling procedure, requirements and fees for the revived junk and revived salvage titles in California are pretty much the same, there is only slight difference in the documents you will have to provide to the DMV office when applying for the title and registration. You can read how to get a rebuilt title in CA here.

Basically, you have to legally fix the vehicle to an operational condition, pass a number of inspections and provide all the necessary paperwork to the DMV. It is critically important to keep all the receipts if you are buying salvage parts or an entire total vehicle to repair another vehicle you are planning to re-title. The major purpose of pre-registration inspection by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is to verify the VIN and make sure that the parts used in reconstructing the vehicle were legally bought. Without these documents your title and registration applications may be rejected. In addition, if the vehicle was originally equipped with airbags, they will have to be reinstalled so that the vehicle can be legally used, registered and sold. However, the latter requirement is only good and just - with a previously totaled car, a junk car in particular, the driver’s and passengers’ safety will always be compromised because a rebuilt title vehicle will never be the same as before it was totaled, so airbags are absolutely necessary. Brake and Lights Inspection is done at a different station authorized by the state DMV, this one deals with safety aspects a little bit more, as you may guess from the name.

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