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Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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Is Rebuilt Title Good?

Is rebuilt title a good buy? As with any used car, the answer can be both positive and negative. Rebuilt vehicles can be great and save you tons of money, but they aren’t for everyone. With a reconstructed auto you know for sure that once it had a salvage title, which means it was either damaged or got a rebuilt title due to theft. A good rebuilt vehicle is the one that didn’t have severe damage, or had severe damage but was properly repaired, and can be insured. As it is really difficult to determine where repair jobs were done as required (unless you are a qualified mechanic or hire one), you should aim at vehicles that suffered insignificant damage.

From insurance view point, as a rule, liability coverage is not a problem, but getting full coverage may be quite a task. Before you buy a rebuilt title, get quotes from insurance companies that cover such vehicles.Typically, these are larger companies like State Farm, GEICO, AllState or Progressive that can insure rebuilt titles.

By definition and according to the state’s law, a rebuilt title is good enough to be safely used on the road - in most states. However, assessment of roadworthiness by the state inspection bodies has safety requirements as the major criteria, it doesn’t take into account your repair expenses down the road or your chances to sell it. Just as you are now uncertain whether a rebuilt title is good or bad, so will be your potential buyers, and even more because the vehicle will get older by that time and a rebuilt title is for life - there is no legal way to clear it. Please note that not disclosing the history of your title to the buyer is illegal. Any rebuilt auto is a burden on your pocket because it’s not a good investment with low resale or trade-in value. From this view point, a rebuilt title is a bad deal. Read more about the dangers of rebuilt titles

In fact, for a rebuilt title being good or bad depends on the year of manufacturing. First, as was mentioned multiple times, the older the vehicle the lower the threshold of repair costs for it to get a salvage title. For all the vehicles of the same make and model and identical damage, repair costs are approximately the same. The ratio repair cost to market value for a car to get totaled is generally about 75%, which means that it depends on the age of the vehicle how bad a car should be damaged to become a salvage. The newer the car, the larger estimated repair cost should be to get a salvage title, and, accordingly, the more severe the damage. From this view point, a older rebuilt title cars are safer, for the damage should be not that serious, sometimes even minor damage is enough to total out a car, and major parts like engine, frame, chassis, transmission should be ok. The value of such rebuilt titles will also be higher, as well as you chance to resell. However, buying a 20-year old rebuilt title is also not good deal - maintenance costs may totally rip you off.

Only considering all of the above these factors, you can tell if a rebuilt title is worth buying. We hope this information helps you get a very good deal on a rebuilt title car.

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