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Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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Rebuilt from Salvage Title

Rebuilt from salvage title or rebuilt salvage brand is issued to rebuilt vehicles in a number of states, such as Colorado, Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin. Rebuilt from salvage stamp on the title is an equivalent to rebuilt title, the difference is just in the wording and the criteria for recognizing a salvage vehicle properly rebuilt and roadworthy, which may vary from state to state. In Colorado, the law requires that “Rebuilt From Salvage” notice must be etched on stamped on the vehicle.

What does rebuilt from salvage title mean?

Basically, the same as rebuilt title - that a vehicle was severely damaged, got a salvage title, and then was reconstructed at a reputable body shop and got a roadworthy status from an authorized inspection station according to the state’s law. Please note that “rebuilt from salvage” vehicles are not ex-junk vehicles because a salvage title and a junk title are not the same thing as far as value, repairs and insurance concern, although in the course of discussions they are frequently (and mistakenly) referred to as the same thing. A salvage title can be repaired, although at a high percent of it’s pre-damage cost. A junk car generally cannot be repaired due to an extensive damage and can only be used for parts (although much depends on the state law - in California junk cars can be “revived” and used on public roads). Also, rebuilt from salvage is not the same as salvage (see rebuilt from salvage vs salvage comparison).

Rebuilt from salvage disclosure

Rebuilt from salvage disclosure laws help protect used car buyers from unknowingly obtaining salvage cars. Currently, the law is most effective in Colorado imposes an obligation on vehicle sellers to disclose whether they were rebuilt from salvage vehicles. Evading rebuilt from salvage disclosure in Colorado is prosecuted by the law. The law makes it more difficult to sell rebuilt from salvage cars.

Rebuilt from Salvage Yards

Rebuilt from salvage yards, or rather salvage yards, can be a great place to search for a good deal, if you know your way around cars really well. I don’t say “rebuilt from salvage yards” because rebuilt cars are usually available from dealerships where they were already fixed (either properly repaired or patched up) and set out for sale in full, all glossy and shining. At a salvage yard, you can buy a car with all the damage it had to fix. However, the extent of the damage can be different and “the cost of repairs/vehicle’s cost” ratio depends on the age of the car. So, while newer salvages can be actual junks, several-year-olds can be great deals without significant damage.

Rebuilt from salvage in UK

Rebuilt from salvage mark of a UK vehicle means that the car was imported from the US where is previously had rebuilt title.

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