Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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Rebuilt Salvage Title

There is some confusion about what a rebuilt salvage title means. Much of the confusion comes from differences in **rebuilt salvage title laws, regulations and terminology across the states. Rebuilt salvage title requirements and registration procedures also differ. For example, in a few states salvage title is given to stolen vehicles, while in most states only severely damaged vehicles receive it. In NJ, they will issue a standard title with a “salvage” suffix for a rebuilt vehicle. In PA, it will have a “reconstructed” title.

A salvage title is given to vehicles written off by insurance companies because repair costs exceeded 70-75% of the cars value. However, such car can be repaired, as opposed to irreparable junk titles, which can go for parts only, or wrecked which means that the vehicles can only be recycled as scrap metal. Rebuilt title cars are ex-salvages that were reconstructed, passed a mandatory state inspection and were recognized driveable, according to he state’s legislation.

In some states, “salvage” disclosure remains on the vehicle’s title forever, even after it is rebuilt (Colorado). In addition, the law requires that rebuilt from salvage stamp appear on a visible location on the vehicles, the location depends on the type of the vehicle ( the driver’s door B pillar for cars, a visible location on the frame on a rebuilt salvage title motorcycle).

Rebuilt salvage title cars for sale

As a rule, newer rebuilt salvage cars are riskier choices because the damage is more severer. The damage is calculated based on the cost of repair works, which is the same for newer and older cars. However, its ratio to the cost of the car is different because older cars are cheaper. That’s why older cars may be salvaged even without significant damage. Such rebuilt salvage titles are the safest choices. As you see, rebuilt salvage title value primarily depends on the vehicle’s age and type of the damage. In fact, you browse the web, most rebuilt salvage title reviews will be positive - because the buyers either know their way around cars or hired someone they could rely upon to inspect every cranny in that car.

Rebuilt salvage title: Good or Bad?

Is a rebuilt salvage title bad? The answer can be both yes and no. If it was properly reconstructed and the frame wasn’t damaged, it can be very good from both reliability and price viewpoints. However, making sure reconstruction was done properly is one of the biggest rebuilt salvage title problems. Always get a car history report when buying a rebuilt salvage title car to know what kind of damage is suffered. After that, hire a mechanic to inspect it - only this way you can be sure repair jobs were done properly and the car is safe. The bad thing about rebuilt salvage title cars is that they are not a good investment - the chances to sell them later are low, be prepared for that.

Rebuilt vs Salvage Title

First of all, salvage and rebuilt titles are not the same thing.

  • Roadworthiness: Rebuilt title is roadworthy and legally driveable, Salvage Title is not
  • Insurance: Rebuilt title can be insured and even get full coverage at some companies, salvage title cannot get even liability coverage
  • Financing: Rebuilt title can be finances in rare cases, salvage title cars cannot
  • Technical condition: Rebuilt title cars are reconstructed, salvage title cars have certain damage

Rebuilt salvage title will never be clean again, unless it is purposefully cleaned by unfair dealers so as to sell them later as clean title cars.

Rebuilt salvage title car sales

Rebuilt salvage title car sales are not common, however, there is a lot of salvage title car sales in every state where once can purchase a car really cheap and then rebuilt it. However, there is one good point about buying a car when it still has a salvage status: you know it’s condition and the extent of the damage. Please, note that in some states private persons can be not allowed to buy salvage cars by law.

Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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