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All You Want to Know about Rebuilt Title & Vehicles.

Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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Rebuilt Title Disclosure

Rebuilt title disclosure is mandatory In all 50 states as a part of consumer protection policy. Specific wording for the regulations and terms used may differ, however the essence is always the same: the seller is required to disclose to the buyer if the vehicle sustained any serious damage. Depending on the state, the form you have to fill out is called either Salvage Title Disclosure, Salvage/Rebuilt Title Disclosure or Branded Title Disclosure. Each state also has specific guidelines for filling out the forms and requirements how exactly disclosure should be dine, in which words and even letter size. In most states, misrepresenting the status of a vehicle to a prospective buyer is a third-degree felony. Salvage / rebuilt title disclosure forms can be found at the state DMV / BMV websites and you can read about rebuilt titles in different states on respective pages of our site:

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If you are selling a rebuilt car

No matter how good you intentions and how the rebuilt vehicle your are selling, filling out a rebuilt/salvage title disclosure form is a must in all states if you want to avoid legal problems with the buyers whose expectations regarding the newly purchased vehicle may turn out a bit higher than what he or she actually gets.

If you are buying a rebuilt car

However, please be informed that rebuilt title disclosure protects you only from uninformed purchasing of a vehicle with a salvage history. This means that is does not safeguard the buyer from other potential issues a rebuilt or salvage vehicle can have. Once you are aware about the salvage history of the vehicle you are planning to buy to take responsibility for your choice. However, if you buy a vehicle with a hidden constructive defect that affects its safety and operability and the seller didn’t warn you about it or lied about the presence of the issue you may try to sue the seller for false representation and intentional provision of false data.

Other Buyer Protection Requirements

Very often, prospective buyers don’t have an opportunity to inspect the title and finding out about a branded title immediately before the deal or when signing the agreements is frustrating. For this reason, in some states (for example, Arkansas) the dealers are obliged to attach a buyer’s notification about the branded history to a visible location on the vehicle, like side window, which also includes the information about the damage the vehicle sustained and repairs done.

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