Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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Rebuilt Titles in Different States

Rebuilt titles, or rather the title brands assigned to reconstructed salvage cars, vary from state to state, so do automotive laws and requirements for recognizing a vehicle salvage, repairable or non repairable, and roadworthy. Below, you can find a list of brands you may see on titles assigned to rebuilt vehicles in different states. We hope it helps you tell rebuilt title cars from other cars with clean or branded history.

  • Alabama Al: Rebuilt Salvage Plus Rebuilt Identification plate affixed to the vehicle.
  • Alaska Ak: Rebuilt Salvage (Given to reconstructed recognizable salvages without altering of original construction) Or Reconstructed Vehicleā€¯ (With altering of subnational parts of unrecognizable VIN. the latter will have plus model code of Rec In The VIN.
  • Arizona Az: Restored Title, Rebuilt Salvage, Clean Title - Previous Salvage
  • Arkansas Ar: Rebuilt Title, Salvage History
  • California: CA Revived Title, Clean Title W/Salvage History
  • Colorado CO: Rebuilt From Salvage, Rebuilt Salvage Title
  • Connecticut Ct: Rebuilt Title, Rebuilt Salvage
  • Delaware De: In front of the title you may see blocks with notes Rebuilt, Reconstructed Clean Or Restored Salvage, which may refer to reconstructed salvages or restored vehicles. Reconstructed, Specially Constructed Or Homemade may refer to vehicles built from scratch.
  • Florida FL: Repo Rebuilt Title, Rebuilt Rebuildable Title, Rebuilt Title, Rebuildable/Salvage History. A stamp of the title stating that the vehicle has been rebuilt or assembled from parts, or is a kit car, glider kit, replica, or flood vehicle. Additionally, a decal informing of the rebuilt status is applied on a visible location on a vehicle.
  • Georgia Ga: : Rebuilt Title, Rebuilt Salvage, Bonded Salvage Rebuilt Title
  • Hawaii Hi: Rebuilt Title
  • Idaho Id: Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle, Reconstructed Title
  • Illinois Il: Rebuilt Title
  • Indiana In: Rebuilt Vehicle, Rebuilt Title - Flood
  • Iowa Ia: The following designations in the upper right corner of the Title Rebuilt (For Vehicles Rebuilt In The State) Or Rebuilt Plus Another State Abbreviation (For Vehicles Rebuilt Out Of The State), Clean Title-Damage Disclosure.
  • Kansas Ks: Rebuilt Salvage
  • Kentucky Ky: Rebuilt Title
  • Louisiana La: Reconstructed Title, Reconstructed Clean, Reconstructed Ttl W/Water Damg, Reconstructed Ttl W/Hail Damg
  • Maine Me: Rebuilt Title
  • Maryland Md: Rebuilt Salvage, Rebuilt Sal W/Fl Reassignment
  • Massachusetts Ma: Reconstructed Salvage, Reconstructed Flood, Reconstructed Clean
  • Michigan Mi: Rebuilt Title, Previously Issued Salvage, Rebuilt Title - No VIN

  • Minnesota Mn: Rebuilt Salvage Title
  • Mississippi Ms: Rebuilt Title
  • Missouri Mo: Rebuilt Salvage , Prior Salvage On The Face Of The Title

  • Montana Mt: Rebuilt Salvage Title
  • Nebraska Ne: Previously Salvaged Title, Rebuilt Salvage
  • Nevada Nv: Rebuilt Title
  • New Hampshire Nh: Rebuilt Title

  • New Jersey Nj: There is no specific rebuilt title in n NJ- A vehicle rebuilt from salvage receives a normal title with a salvage affix on it.
  • New Mexico Nm: Rebuilt Title
  • New York NY: Rebuilt Salvage: NY. NYS law requires that the seller inform the buyer about the previous damage if the vehicle has a Rebuilt Salvage:NY or another branded title.

  • North Carolina NC: Rebuilt Salvage , Reconstructed Vehicle, Clean Title Rebuilt Salvage
  • North Dakota ND:
  • Ohio OH, Rebuilt Salvage, Reassembled Salvage
  • Oklahoma Ok: Rebuilt Title
  • Oregon Or:
  • Pennsylvania Pa: Rebuilt Salvage, Reconstructed Salvage Title, reconstruct ttl w/md reassign
  • Rhode Island Ri: Reconstructed Salvage Title
  • South Carolina Sc: Clean Title W/ Salvage History
  • South Dakota Sd: Clean Title - Previous Branded
  • Tennessee Tn: TN Rebuilt Title, Clean Title/Salvage History
  • Texas TX: Rebuilt Title, Rebuilt Salvage, Rebuilt Salvage Flood, Non-Repairable Rebuilt Ttl
  • Utah Ut: Rebuilt Title, Reconstructed Title
  • Vermont Vt: Rebuilt Title
  • Virginia Va: Rebuilt Salvage, Rebuilt Title
  • Washington Wa: Rebuilt Title
  • West Virginia WV: Reconstructed Title
  • Wisconsin: WI Rebuilt Salvage
  • Wyoming Wy: Reconstructed, Rebuilt, Rebuilt Title, Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle
Rebuilt Title means that the vehicle has had a serious damage. You can safely buy such a vehicle only when you know what exactly happened. That is why it is critically important to check vehicle history by VIN.

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